GF #027 – Le Loyon

Kerry hadn’t slept for over 72 hours. Not since the Le Loyon project massacred the entire staff of Miruku-Tek’s Einsiedeln base. She was on the run from a test robot gone bad.

She felt like she was standing on a razor-thin blade being slowly cleaved in two. Her worn body fluctuated between heightened awareness and dreamlike hallucinations. She couldn’t trust herself anymore. She couldn’t trust Nate Meier either. They were the only survivors left from a former R&D team of thirty-three scientist and over a hundred in other personnel.

Faces of colleagues would sporadically flash and flicker in Kerry’s mind. A synapse would stutter, but whatever normal human emotions she was supposed to feel didn’t trigger. It was like she was drained clean of the essential chemicals that made feelings.

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GF #011 – Dakini Robots

In that very moment, Meiji’s stupor program cut short, flashed abruptly and she was brutally yanked from her half-dream.

She awoke. She found herself fully nude and sleep-marching, rank and file with seventy-nine of her sisters, inevitably, inexorably, inescapably towards reincarnation.

Meiji’s bruised bare feet stomped the grated floors. She could hear the faint hum and buzz of the mechanical Dakinis further down the line in the disassembly rooms.

Meiji will become one with her kin and anew again. She will be reborn into the latest model, the newest O.S., advanced features, upgrades, bells and whistles.

A calming peace washed over her when she reflected on this. The technological cycle of obsolescence and product launch.

She closed her eyes again, allowing the steady rhythm of her column to sedate her. Sixteen rows, five abreast, a hundred and sixty long, slim, alabaster thighs and shanks in graceful promenade.

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