What’s Up With The Paper Fox?

Every year, I send a small skulk of paper foxes into the wild. Some make their way to the homes of family, friends and acquaintances. Some escape into libraries, book stores and other random locations.

If you see one, take a picture and send it to me at “my first name” (at sign) “my full name” (dot) com. Let me know how they’re doing. What they’re up to.

Would you like me to ask one of my paper foxes to visit you?

I can’t promise you anything, but send me your address. Maybe one will show up at your doorstep looking for a warm, cozy home.

But wait, who are you?

Oh, right! That would help if you’re new here and have no idea who I am.

I’m Jinn Zhong. I write genre fiction. That’s anything from science fiction, dark fantasy, supernatural stuff to weird worlds.

I post short “flash fiction” pieces (less than 1,500 words) on this website.

Here are some of my favorites:

Black Seed – A dark prince reflects on the cost of a war he started.
Dakini Robots – A femme-bot is about to reincarnate.
The Abyss – A teenage girl soldier seeks her sister’s approval.
Birthday – A weary father celebrates his dead daughter’s 22nd birthday.

BE WARNED: Before you click on those links, know that my stuff is rated R. It’s nearly always dark, sometimes depraved and just a little bit dirty.