GF #37 – The Deep Sea

This week’s Garage Fiction is a work-in-progress, hopefully a full 3,000 – 5,000 word story that will be published as a whole. ☣

– Jinn

This week’s Garage Fiction prompt was provided by me, Jinn Zhong…
A panel from New Avengers Issue #21 released in August 2006
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled by Howard Chaykin
This issue was a part of the 2006 Civil War crossover

Captain America on Freedom

These weekly scenes & stories are part of an ongoing project codenamed “Garage Fiction”. Since January 2015, three writers (Nicholas Brack, Dogwood Daniels and I) have committed to writing a flash fiction or scene each and every week. We post on Fridays and dissect on Tuesdays via podcast.

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  • Ann

    Interesting statement: “They just care about themselves more than they care about the world they live in.” I think that’s quite true in America. I also think people want to be comfortable and ‘feel’ safe but perhaps more comfortable than safe. There are so many hidden agendas around us that we, Americans, are not well informed of or even if known, don’t fight hard for. The US government and corporations get away with too much shit. On a lot of issues, some remain apathetic and would rather live in their little boxed up world. But hey, we are selfish beings, including myself, so go figure.

    • Well, yes, Captain America here is talking about America. For context, this panel is from the Civil War story line (the one that was recently made in to a movie). He’s on the run from Iron Man because he refuses to sign the Superhero Registration Act (which asks that all superheroes reveal themselves to the government). Obviously, Brian Michael Bendis was commenting on the Patriot Act and how we’re all being tracked by the NSA now. I completely agree with you regarding the apathy. It’s much easier to live in a boxed up world. But that’s exactly how the the power balance tips over to the government and now it’s OK for them to spy on every little thing we do. (Including this comment and yours which is now being scanned, filtered and tagged in a Big Data warehouse in Utah right now.)