Who the F is Jinn Zhong?

jinn Jinn is a freelancer, fiction writer and father of three monsters. (He may also be a badly drawn robot obsessed with f-words.) He lives in the suburbs of the Pacific Northwest.

When not writing dark, disturbing fiction or handling client work, he may be caught playing heavy Euros, flipping through sheets of CRTs or consuming stories in all formats: film, fiction, television series, graphic novels, people watching at Starbucks, eavesdropping at restaurants, your webcam… (Just kidding! I swear! I’m not the N.S.A… or am i?).

He does not drink, smoke or gamble but has an addiction to phở beef noodles and ginger beer.

Jinn is a certified banana. Because he was born and raised in gwai lo culture, there is not a single trace of Chinese in him. Aside from his given name, he can barely count to ten in Mandarin or Cantonese. Wǒ bù míngbái, ah! But for some reason, he is learning German. Das ist mir Wurst!

As a stereotypical Asian however, he did learn piano as a child (and detested it) and got A’s in math even though he slept through most of it. (Or played Teta Fuhu at the back of the classroom.)

Jinn co-founded The Garage Fiction Podcast along with two other writers, Nicholas Brack and Dogwood Daniels.

It’s a podcast where a small group of fiction writers swear, tell dirty jokes and make rude noises. (They also talk about writing, creativity and the craft of storytelling. Sometimes.)

After a hiatus that turned into a year-long sabbatical, Jinn rebooted Garage Fiction with 7 new members. It’s a party now.

You should listen to the “Live in Orlando” episode below and then promptly subscribe to it on iTunes, GooglePlay or Stitcher.

How do you pronounce that name of his?

The first name is pronounced “gin”, as in Gin & Tonic.

The last name is somewhat more complex. The “zh” sound is like a “j” sound except you curl your tongue further back. So instead of tapping your alveolar ridge, move it back. If you do it right, and you try to talk with your tongue back there, you’ll sound like Sean Connery.

The “ong” sounds like “oan”, except you shorten it and make it sound like a bell.

Or you could just listen to the podcast and hear his fellow co-hosts butcher the pronunciation.

Consequently though, it’s not his real name anyway. It’s a pen name. So who cares?